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Linda Lundquist from Caterpillar is our honored presenter on May 20th at Avanti’s in Bloomington. She has presented at our International Conference and will bring a dynamic outlook to employee retention. If your company is like ours, we hire some extremely talented practitioners but they do not always stay with us. It is a generational trait or could there be other underlying causes?

This is our last meeting of the education year that began last September. All of our events have been well accepted and highly rated. Take advantage of these events and join us. There is always some interesting topics discussed and the pre-session networking is invaluable. Our goal is for you to come away with some education that you can use to add value to your organization.

Hope to see you on the 20th at Avanti’s.

Jeff Dickerson
President NAPM Central Illinois

Jeff Dickerson

Tuesday, 9/17/2013: "Assessing the Impact of Global Crises on Your Supply Chain" with Omer Abdullah, The Smart Cube @ Avanti's in Bloomington, IL.
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Tuesday, 10/15/2013: "Risk Analysis and Mitigation in Global Sourcing" with James Patterson, Western Illinois University – Quad Cities @ Avanti's in Bloomington, IL.
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Tuesday, 11/19/2013: "The Importance of Sound Contract Management Practices in Supply Management" with Suzanne D. Sellers, Procurement Consultant @ Avanti's in Bloomington, IL.
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Thursday, 2/13/2014: Free ISM Webcast - Uncovering and Managing Supplier and Supply Chain Risks
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Tuesday, 3/18/2014: "Creating Your Strategic Leadership Advantage" with Kathleen Caldwell, Caldwell Consulting Group @ Doubletree in Bloomington, IL.
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Tuesday, 4/8/2014: Presentation & Tour of Midwest Fiber Recycling, Normal IL
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Tuesday, 5/20/2014: "Developing Supply Chain Talent" with Linda Lundquist, Caterpillar
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Special ISM 2014 News!

Starting March 1st and continuing through April 15th, any affiliate member who registers for ISM2014, using the affiliate three digit code, will trigger a $140 donation to your affiliate - that's about 10% of the registration fee! These funds can be used to increase affiliate participation throughout the year or as your board sees fit.

This year's Conference features T. Boone Pickens, Mark Zandi and the world famous Second City comedy troupe. CNBC calls Pickens the "Oracle of Oil", because of his uncanny predictions about oil supply and cost. Tens of thousands of products in the supply chain are directly affected by oil supply and costs. That’s why you and your affiliate members need to see T. Boone Pickens at ISM2014 – because It’s All About You! Second City, on the other hand, is putting together a special show dedicated to supply chain management - with humor at our expense!

Register for the conference here:

Mark Your Calendars

Mark Your Calendars for our May Meeting!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
"Developing Supply Chain Talent"
Linda Lundquist, Manager – Supply Chain/Manufacturing Processes & Optimization, Caterpillar
Avanti’s Restaurant, 3302 East Empire, Bloomington, IL
Cost: $10 for members; $15 for non-members

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