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Happy New Year! As 2015 begins many will reflect on the previous year by asking themselves what was the best thing that happened to them, what was the most challenging or difficult thing to deal with, what was learned, what milestones were achieved, what positive impacts were made, and how did we grow? After reflecting, many will set new goals. Common ones include losing weight, quit smoking, saving money, eating healthier, managing stress, and furthering education. It’s as though the New Year provides a reset button for each of us; a chance to start fresh.

As the year begins, I hope each of you take some time to reflect on all you’ve achieved and also raise your personal bar by setting new goals. In the professional world we all must include some aspect of furthering career knowledge and staying relevant in our arena. And if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. I encourage each of you to review our events schedule and find something that fits your needs and within your calendar. Whatever your goals are for 2015 may it be your best year yet.

The March event is based on the book Financial Intelligence presented by co-author Joe Knight. Joe is the co-owner of the Business Literacy Institute and co-owner of Setpoint Systems. He works as CFO of Setpoint and as a facilitator and keynote speaker for the Business Literacy Institute, traveling to clients all over the world to teach them about finance. This event is being offered at an incredible rate, so please take advantage and let Joe provide a nontechnical, in-depth tour through financial concepts and analysis.

Kyle Bounds
President NAPM Central Illinois

Kyle Bounds.

Tuesday, 10/14/2014: Best Practices in Supply Chain Management Do Not Have To Be Complicated @ Avanti's in Bloomington, IL.
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Tuesday, 11/18/2014: Round Table Discussion - Talent Management @ Avanti's in Bloomington, IL.
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Thursday, 2/19/2015: ISM Web Seminar

Thursday, 3/19/2015: Financial Intelligence: A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean
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Tuesday, 4/21/2015: American Red Cross @ Avanti's in Bloomington, IL.
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Tuesday, 5/19/2015: Komatsu Facility Tour @ Famous Alexander's Steakhouse in Peoria, IL.
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Financial Intelligence

How well do you understand finance? Can you read a balance sheet or cash flow statement of a finance report and make sense of it? Would you be surprised to know that only 38% of accounting professionals can?

Joe Knight, author of “Financial Intelligence”, will present a full day seminar in Bloomington on March 19th at the DoubleTree Hotel and Conference Center. Joe has presented all around the country and the cost for his seminar is usually $100.00 or more. NAPM-Central Illinois is excited to offer this to you for $25, including a great DoubleTree meal and snacks during the day. But wait… there’s more! Signup and prepay by February 20th and we will provide you a copy of Joe’s bestselling book, “Financial Intelligence”, the day of the event. This book has been cited as one of the 100 best business books of all time, and is highly regarded as one of the best books on finance.

Here is a short list of what will be covered at the seminar:

  • ROI
  • income statements
  • profit and loss
  • balance sheets
  • operating expenses
  • cash flow
  • ratios

To the finance department these words and functions are basic information and second nature. To many managers they bring on the rush of fear, a cold sweat, or a feeling of inadequacy. However, when managers understand and feel comfortable discussing the numbers, companies thrive; trust increases, turnover decreases, and financial results improve. Knight unveils the hidden secret of finance: finance is an art, not a science, so managers must understand the estimates, assumptions and biases in the numbers to truly manage effectively.

“Financial Intelligence” provides managers with the four basic skill sets needed to hone their financial intelligence:

  1. Understanding the foundation: how to decipher income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  2. Understanding the art: how to identify when the artful aspects of finance have been applied to the numbers and what that means to drawing accurate conclusions.
  3. Understanding the analysis: how to make informed decisions based on the information underneath ratios and return on investment.
  4. Understanding the big picture: how to value the context created by changes in the economy and the competitive environment and what that means for interpreting a company’s financial numbers.

Beyond the basics, this seminar and book will also teach managers the more complex and creative side of the numbers including how to speak the language of the finance department, asking the right questions to get information they need, and most importantly how to use this information to improve cash flow, analyze the next big project, and create better value for their company. “Financial Intelligence” is a must-have for non-financial managers in any field.

You have a rare opportunity to learn from the best at a deeply discounted price. Our affiliate wants to provide this and you can take advantage of it. Joe makes it fun and when you leave, your financial IQ will have increased exponentially. Hope to see you in March.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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